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The House Is Haunted

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Music by Basil G. Adlam
Lyrics by Billy Rose
© Billy Rose Foundation Inc.
James Aries - Piano, vocals

Arrangement by James Aries
Produced by James Aries
Mastered by CloudBounce
© James Aries Music 2020


Lights are soft and low tonight,
Autumn breezes blow tonight,
And to think that we're apart.
Knowing you refuse to love
Someone that you used to love,
There's a chill within my heart.

I hate to be alone, when evening falls,
I'm so afraid of all these empty halls,
Doors and walls.

The house is haunted
By the echo of your last good-bye,
The house is haunted
By the memories that refuse to die.
I can't get away from a vision that brings
Intimate glimpses of intimate things,
A voice in my heart like a torch singer sings,
"I wonder who's kissing you now?"

The house is haunted
By the echo of your favourite song,
The place is cluttered up
With roses that have lived too long - much too long.
The ceiling is white, but the shadows are black,
A ghost in my heart says, "you'll never come back!"
The house is haunted
By the echo of your last good-bye.